Quick Facts:

• Get cryptocurrency cashback on crypto spending

• Wirex VISA is usable around the globe

• Get premium offers, discounts on various merchants

• Regulated by UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) 

• Complete protection of customer data ensured



Wirex, launched in 2014, is a UK-based, FCA-licenced, digital money solutions company for individuals and businesses. Wirex builds on the concept of a borderless platform which lets its users perform financial transactions independent of the type of currency used. 

Wirex wallet currently supports 12 different currencies which includes both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Users can send, and receive money free of charge through instant transactions, whenever they need, without converting their currencies.

The twelve currencies are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Waves coin, WOLLO, Dai coin, Nano coin, Euro, Pound Sterling and Wirex coin.

The nature of these transactions could be both; personal or business use which is separated by account modes in Wirex application. Wirex also provides access to OTC (over the counter) and Interbank rates of fiat and digital currencies to ensure visibility of operations to its users.

To ensure complete integration of Wirex payment in your life, Wirex offers Wirex Card, a contactless Visa card which allows users to use their digital currencies anywhere VISA is accepted. Available in GBP, EUR, and USD, Wirex Visa card is accepted at over 40 million outlets, online marketplaces, and ATMs.


Source: Wirex

The card, its delivery to EEA region, and the transactions done through it are free of charge. This limits normally incurred banking fees and processing delays of traditional transaction methods. Wirex charges a minimal maintenance fee of £1.00/€1.20/$1.50 for operational and administrative operations. 

Wirex currently support global account creation and local funds transfer. Most of its supported countries are in EEA (European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) region or Asian Pacific countries (East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania). For the rest of the world, the VISA card is not available as of yet. 

In supported countries, users can top-up their VISA card through debit card/credit card/bank transfer to their Wirex account which can then be transferred instantly to your card account. Wirex uses SEPA/SWIFT to transfer funds to its user accounts. For EEA and APAC region, there is a card spend limit of 10,000 USD for EEA region and 25,000 USD for APAC region.  

For added appeal to the users, Wirex has a CryptoBack program in pipeline which rewards users with a percentage of their spendings. Simply use Wirex VISA on any in-store payment and get upto 0.5% of CryptoBack reward in the form of BTC into your account. Users who are holding Wirex native coin WXT can get upto 1.5% rewards in the form of BTC. There are some exceptions to this reward which can be accessed here.

  • 500,000 WXT – 1.50% Cryptoback in BTC
  • 100,000 WXT – 1.00% Cryptoback in BTC
  • 50,000 WXT –  0.75% Cryptoback in BTC

WXT is the native digital currency of Wirex application. It is a Stellar based coin which can be used both on Wirex application and multiple digital currency platforms. It is a utility coin which does not entail an equity in Wirex. Buying and using this coin comes with rewards of CryptoBack as well as discounts on fees of the Wirex application.

  • 500,000 WXT – 100% discount
  • 100,000 WXT – 50% discount
  • 50,000 WXT –  25% discount

Verified users can buy WXT through their Wirex application or through their VISA card by exchanging currencies in house. Users who are not on the Wirex network can but WXT through exchanges that currently support WXT buying and selling: OKEx, KuCoin and Huobi. Other benefits of using WXT which are in the pipeline are:

  • Premium Wirex Visa card
  • Bespoke merchant offers and discounts
  • Concierge service
  • Airport lounge access
  • Early access to new features

Keep in mind that FCA (UK’s premier Financial Conduct Authority) regulates Wirex application and its transactions but it does not regulate WXT coin because exchange tokens, their operations, and their framework falls outside their regulatory permit. 

Wirex VISA card and account comes with its own line of security. It employs 256-bit SSL (cryptographic protocol to provide security over internet communications) to provide a safe environment to the users. Features like 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) and email confirmations are user faced protection line ups. Wirex does not keep any user data and uses proxies for implementation and processes. 

Wirex has a refer-a-friend program in place where each successful referral gives the user $10 in Bitcoin instantly. Use digital currencies of your own liking through Wirex in your everyday life and enjoy benefits of decentralization and instant transactions through a single dashboard.

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