Quick Facts:

• Mimic other traders to earn more profit

• Secured by AES Encryption and 2FA

• Withdraw via multiple channels

• Open virtual account to learn better

• Interact with other traders to build strategies



eToro is an innovative and rewarding social trading platform. It provides direct access to the world’s top investment options. eToro also facilitates social interaction between traders. On eToro, you can invest in stocks without worrying about paying any commissions. Through this platform, it is also possible to invest in a wide range of shares without dealing with the red tape of ticketing or management fees. This creates a convenient and peaceful investment experience.

Within eToro, there are no limits on the amount of trading volume that you can perform. Furthermore, eToro also facilitates cryptocurrency trading. As such, it is a one-stop location for all types of investment. Read on to discover much more about eToro.

The trading instruments available to you on eToro

On eToro, you can trade and invest in a variety of instruments. The platform provides direct access to the most profitable stocks across the world. This includes those listed in major exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

With eToro, you can also invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These are groups of shares that are bound and traded according to a specific index. eToro also facilitates investment in Forex currency pairs. This provides traders with the chance to invest in a 5 trillion dollar-a-day industry!

On eToro, traders can also invest in commodities and indices through Contracts For Difference (CFDs). As such, they can make positions in large trades by utilizing the leverage ratio provided by the platform. Furthermore, you can also invest in cryptocurrencies on eToro. By providing multiple avenues for investment, this platform makes it easy to invest in the financial markets.

Signing up

eToro Sign Up

Sign up form

New traders can easily begin to participate in the eToro trading platform by signing up. Upon arriving at their landing page, you can easily observe a tab labeled “Join Now”. Clicking on this takes you to a special page containing a form.

The form requests a minimal amount of information from you. All that you need to provide are a username, your email address as well as a password. You’re also required to provide your phone number. After that, accept the eToro terms and conditions as well as acknowledge that eToro will use your information according to their Privacy Policy. Having done so, you are ready to begin trading in this platform! To increase the convenience, traders can log into the platform using their Google or Facebook accounts. This boosts efficiency and overall user-friendliness.

Social trading

Social trading

Social trading

At the moment, there are more than 180 million active and open trades on eToro. The process of opening a trade is very easy. After doing so, you can invest your funds and also share your experience with other traders. This is known as social trading. By participating in this activity, you can discuss strategies for profitable trading. An excellent characteristic of eToro is that you can automatically copy the trading portfolios of Popular Investors and apply them in your own portfolio! This amazing technology is known as the CopyTrader System.

Popular Investors Program

Popular investors

Popular Investors

The eToro platform provides a unique service known as Popular Investor Program. This program identifies and shines a light on savvy, responsible and talented traders. These individuals use the program to share their knowledge on how to navigate the markets and make a profit in the process. In the Popular Investors Program, the top tier Popular Investors earn up to 2% annual returns on the assets under their management.

The CopyTrader System

On eToro, you can copy the tactics and strategies implemented by the best traders in the platform. This is accomplished through the eToro CopyTrader system. This feature allows you to invest using the wisdom of the best traders in the industry. The CopyTrader implements their trading decisions automatically right into your account. This allows you to establish a Copy Trading portfolio and earn like the best traders. Best of all, the entire process is simple, transparent and effective. It also inspires you to become a top trader. That’s because you get compensated every time that a trader copies your trading strategies.

To perform Copy Trading, simply register an account on eToro. After that, search for the best investors. More often than not, you can find them in the Popular Investors section. As you search for the top traders, note their profiles as well as the structure of their portfolios. Also, have a look at their trading stats as well as the number of people copying them. This assists you to identify the rank of your target trader. On eToro CopyTrader, you can even filter the traders according to your markets of interest. This helps you to copy from traders who are active in your market of choice.

Having done so, separate a portion of your capital and dedicate it for Copy Trading. After that, activate the CopyTrader system and begin earning like a pro!


The universe of cryptocurrencies is always expanding. More digital currencies are being launched every day. As a matter of fact, there are 1,600 cryptocurrencies today! eToro provides a platform where you can purchase and sell a wide range of digital currencies. Through this platform, you can trade these currencies in the open exchange. You can also implement strategies such as buy and hold with digital currencies. By performing these activities, you can steadily construct your portfolio. The cryptocurrency feature of the eToro platform also facilitates special benefits such as the execution of market orders on a near-immediate basis.


Cryptocurrencies on eToro

There are many cryptocurrencies on eToro. Some examples of these are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dashcoin (DASH) and Litecoin (LTC). A nifty feature of this platform is that you can create a customized watchlist for your favorite cryptocurrencies. It helps you to keep track of your portfolio to ensure profitable performance over time.

Trading resources

eToro provides all types of traders with an opportunity to create a portfolio and grow their wealth. One of the resources available in this platform is a news feed. Through this feature, traders can discover all the latest developments in the sectors of stocks, commodities, cryptocurrency and ETFs. They can make profitable trades with this information. As such, eToro provides a comprehensive platform for cryptocurrency trading today.

A comparison of eToro and other exchange platforms

There are many ways in which eToro is better than other trading platforms. It provides a better resource for traders in the following ways:

  • Variety of trading instruments

On eToro, you can trade using a wide range of instruments. Some examples of these are stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and even Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Other exchanges such as CEX.IO only facilitate cryptocurrency trading. This limits your trading volume and capability. There are some platforms such as Fidelity which facilitate only traditional instruments such as stocks and bonds. They do not provide cryptocurrency trading. Therefore, eToro platform ranks higher by providing an opportunity to trade in digital currencies.

  • Social interaction between the traders

This is a very unique feature of the eToro trading platform. Traders on this platform can easily interact with each other. eToro provides tools such as live chats and message boards. Traders can use them to send messages to each other. In this way, they can sharpen each other’s trading skills.

eToro also provides a system known as the Popular Investors Program. This is a collective that’s made up of top tier investors on the eToro platform. They provide other traders with information about how to trade profitably. Upon analyzing other online trading platforms such as CEX.IO and Ayondo, you will find that their social trading capability is not as efficient as that of eToro. Therefore, eToro is better than them in the aspect of social interaction.

  • CopyTrader

This is an extension of the social trading aspect within eToro. CopyTrader is a tool that traders can utilize to mimic the strategies implemented by the top-performing traders in the platform. Through CopyTrader, an eToro trader can copy and paste the strategies utilized by a performer in the Popular Investors Program. This will immediately boost the trader’s performance and increase the value of their portfolio.

Copy Trading is an easy way to earn great returns by learning from the best and applying their methods. Other trading platforms such as Coinbase don’t have this fantastic feature from eToro. In other platforms, traders are left to their own devices. However, eToro creates an environment where traders can learn and mimic each other for the purpose of profit.

  • Interface

The eToro trading platform provides traders with access to a wide variety of trading instruments. Some examples of these are stocks, commodities, ETFs and digital currencies. With this wide range of asset types, one would expect that their interface would be sophisticated and complicated. Thankfully, it is not.

eToro has a user-friendly, immensely intuitive interface. All the trading tools, instruments and portals are provided to you through vivid tabs. You can even gain access to the latest news about the markets directly from the interface. This is accomplished through a special news feed. The social chat tab is also situated in the main console. Thanks to innovative design and trader inclusion, eToro provides a console that is far more intuitive than other platforms such as Darwinex which has a fairly complicated interface.

The characteristics of eToro

  1. It is the global leader in social trading

Millions of traders from more than 140 different countries use eToro to trade stocks and other types of securities. This platform sets itself apart by providing media through which traders can interact with each other to share trading strategies.

  1. You can open a demo account

A great feature of eToro is that you can open up a demo account. Traders who are new to the market can use it to learn trading strategies and hone their skills. eToro provides virtual cash to facilitate trades. By using this capital, new traders can learn the ropes before diving into the markets using real money.

  1. It is trustworthy

eToro is comprehensively regulated by influential, legitimate oversight bodies. They include the AFS, FCA as well as CySec. As a result, it implements modern and legal mechanisms of trading.

  1. A high level of security

Whenever you invest with eToro, your funds are fully secure. That’s because this platform utilizes top of the range security protocols such as AES encryption and two-factor authentication.

  1. Your privacy is maintained

After you sign up as a trader on eToro, you are guaranteed that your privacy is maintained. The platform does not share traders’ information without their permission.

  1. Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods

The eToro platform provides traders with various methods of fund deposit and withdrawal. Examples of these are all the main credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. They also accept online payment providers such as PayPal and MoneyGram. In this way, traders have flexible ways of getting their minimum deposit of $200 into their trading account. They can also utilize these media to withdraw their profits.


  • The Zero Commission

The Zero commission offer on stock trading is only extended to clients of eToro Europe Ltd and eToro UK Ltd. It does not apply to traders who originate from locations other than these jurisdictions. In addition to that, it does not apply to leveraged or short stock trades. The Zero Commissions mean that no broker fee is charged to open or close this position. Any other fees can apply.

  • Cryptocurrency risk level

Cryptocurrencies generally have high volatility. This platform does not offer any investor protection so your capital is at risk.


The eToro trading platform checks all the boxes in terms of providing a modern, high-tech trading experience. It provides investors with an opportunity to open up accounts easily at no cost. Having done so, they can trade or invest in a wide range of instruments. Throughout this process, they can also plug directly into trading social groups. Here, they can interact with other people and receive information from various sources. The CopyTrader System adds icing on the cake by providing a method through which traders can copy and learn from the best. On eToro, the best returns are garnered when you hover on the edge of various cliques. This platform delivers investment variety, informational freedom, cooperative effort and investment flexibility!





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